In Korver’s essay I see strong ties when he wants to help make a change for not only his friend Thabo but for the whole black community. The weak ties starts to fall into affect when Korver explains how when ever people think of Klye Korver’s name he wants them to know that he supports […]

Social Change

The reason why a social change movement might fail is because it doesn’t have all three components of social change which is strong ties, weak ties, and social habits which kind of ties in with weak ties. You need all these concept for a successful social change because it’s like a yin yang you can’t […]

The Invention of Race (Q’s)

Race is related to reality because our society needs some type of identification to function. In the transcript for “The Invention of Race” I notice two identification society used from way back then to now. The one identification that was use back then was how you lived and where you were from. Even though slaving […]

Feedback #3

One lesson I could improve for paper 4 is integrating my own ideas with other Ideas. I need to follow up quotes with analysis, explanation and connections to essential questions. Another lesson I need to improve is working on my sentence level control. I must watch out for a lot of stigmatizing errors. For me […]

Average Q’s

What Mike Rose learns from his Voc. Ed. buddies is how to be mediocre. He explains how that he would just get by in class and only use half his brain. He learned these habits because he found it easy to relate to people who came from the same neighbor as him and had to […]

Rose Not Understanding Q’s

What Rose means by this quote is that when he does not understand something he would start to day dream something he could understand. Which is normal for most kids who struggle to understand something. “I couldn’t keep up and started day dreaming to avoid my inadequacy.” I personally use to struggle a lot in […]

Average Q’s

Rose house is in a poor neighborhood. The neighborhood consist of old white folks, young black families, and immigrant Mexican. Rose house is small and most of the thing that they have is old and used. His father gets most of these things from a secondary shop when he spends some time there. Rose mostly […]

To The Mecca Q’s

What Coates means by this is that there were certain rules you had to follow. Like the school didn’t want you to be curious but rather compliance. Yo had to keep up with your school work and behave in school or else they would suspend you. Thats when the streets will get to you and […]