“The Mellow Meditators” is a club that has been around for about two years now. There mission is to be seen as a resource at UNE and most importantly organize stress relieving events. The contact of this club is Julia Biagini and to get intouch with her you can just email her at jbiagini@une.edu. To be a part of the mellow meditators, you just need to be on their email list and show up to whatever meetings you are available for. To be on the email list you can just email Julia Biagini and let her know if you’d like to join their email list, so they can send out weekly reminders for meetings. Another way you can join is by going to the UNE schools website and clicking on clubs and organizations, then look for the “The Mellow Meditators” and click on contact this will give you the opportunity to put your email in and be apart of the email list. The question I had was for Julia Biagini and I wanted to know what made her join The Mellow Meditators”. This group can enrich my college experience by me meeting new people and learning new ways to relieve any possible stress that I may have. Also by me joining this club I’m not only learning stress relieving skills but I’m also building on my communication skills by getting to know other people and socializing with them. I think this club is really helpful because when dealing with situations people tend to overworked themselves and often get frustrated which could lead to a very stressful life. I believe by me taking part in this club that my life after UNE we’ll be that much better, having known the skill of stress relieving. Therefore when I catch myself in a stressful situation I won’t get frustrated and make bad decisions because I don’t know how to calm down. I will simply just look back on this stress relieving club and remember the ways of calming down. Also who knows, if this whole stress relieving idea plays a big part of my life, I might just decide to teach others what I may have learned because of how helpful I might find this club.