In Korver’s essay I see strong ties when he wants to help make a change for not only his friend Thabo but for the whole black community. The weak ties starts to fall into affect when Korver explains how when ever people think of Klye Korver’s name he wants them to know that he supports the black community. This is a weak tie because when ever there is a fan of Korvers and they see that he supports the black community they might too.

I believe Kyle Korver is trying to shed a couple of social habits. One is the fact that he can pose as both sides when it come to race. He can turn his cheek and it “wouldn’t be a problem”. Another social habit he his trying to shed is guilt. Korver feels as though people should acquire responsibility when it comes to racism.

Korver already attempt to make a social change about racism just by simply writing this article about how he feels about racism today. He hates how he could have been “safe” the night Thabo got hurt in New York and how Thabo wasn’t. Or how Russ feels racially discriminated during a Utah game and Korver doesn’t have to worry about that. Korver wants this all to stop but it all start by pointing out the people who are racist behind close doors. Sure the one who are blunt and open about it is easier to deal with but to really make a change we have to deal with the “invisible” racist people. Kyle want the people that are “priviledge” who are white to help make a change because they have the power to do so and not just sit back and relax and let life go by them like it’s not their problem.

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