Social Change

The reason why a social change movement might fail is because it doesn’t have all three components of social change which is strong ties, weak ties, and social habits which kind of ties in with weak ties. You need all these concept for a successful social change because it’s like a yin yang you can’t have the good without the bad. And that’s exactly what strong tie and weak ties are. Strong ties are when you have good friends in different groups no matter their race or type of income you have. Either way if you was in trouble or needed help they would help you because they fell obligated to help a friend out. However, having a strong tie of friends doesn’t help change the world alone. That’s when weak ties come in because weak ties are acquaintances of friends from different groups and sometimes even people you don’t even know completely but that kind of ties into social habits too. Having weak ties causes a social peer pressure towards people to make them feel obligated to help because everyone else is doing it. This also falls into social habits because people will feel pressure to join even if they don’t want to because of the risk of losing their social standing. All of these concept especially strong ties and weak ties help create a successful social change. By having strong ties start the movement, weak ties grow the movement, and social habits enduring the movement are all key components. Without these a movement will fail every time. Rosa Park is a prime example of of starting a successful social change just by staying in her seat when she was told to get up. Now every one knows the whole bus situation with Rosa Parks. However, Parks was not the only African American who was arrest for sitting on the bus. There were many more but they never started a social change movement like how Rosa Parks did because they didn’t have strong ties and weak ties. Rosa Parks was well invest into her community and let’s just say the cops arrested the “wrong” black person that day because that arrest lead to a change for the better.

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