The Invention of Race (Q’s)

Race is related to reality because our society needs some type of identification to function. In the transcript for “The Invention of Race” I notice two identification society used from way back then to now. The one identification that was use back then was how you lived and where you were from. Even though slaving was going on a sense of racism wasn’t really in the mist of all it. Another identification that society used back in the 1700 was race. This created racism causing slavery to imprison those who were of different skin color. What would it take to end racism? The obvious answer to this is to treat all people equal. Now many would say it’s not that easy to do something like this. But it is, see back then during the ancient Greeks times society didn’t really judge people on the color of their skin. However, they did judge other on where they lived and how they lived. So basically, in you were poor you weren’t going to be treated the same as the people who were not poor. Even though both these forms of identifications are bad I would prefer to be judge by how I live than by the color of my skins. The origins and current functions of racism started in 1640 in the colony of Virginia. At that time John Punch who is an African and two other men who were Dutch, and Scotsman ran away from their servitude. They were all caught and as punishment the Dutch and Scotsman got four more year of servitude and John Punch was sentenced to labor to his “master” for the rest of his days. This act that the judge decided for these men created the birth of racism. 

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