The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples” (Q’s 25-55)

 It’s difficult to answer accurately who is a Native Hawaiian because in the text it explains how Native Hawaiians these are basically “low class” people who have short life expectancy and most likely won’t go to college. The reason why it’s difficult to answer because this is basically to everyone who is poor. Sure, the majority of this might lead to minorities but it goes for whoever is poor. This question matters to both everyday life in Hawaii and to us as we think about the realities of social identities because people are so fixed on race determine lives instead of what matters most. 

The concept of race has no genetic basis, but it still persists in society. The reason it still alive in society because there’s family that have ancestors who believe that race has a genetic basis and teach their next family generation about their way and so on. However, there are some people that realize how wrong this is and starts to change the cycle but there will never truly be no end to genetic basis. 

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