The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples (Q’s)


Hawaii had become the model of ethnic and racial harmony. What the researchers wanted to know was why ethnic harmony exists in Hawaii and wanted to export principles of ethnic harmony to the mainland and the world. Even though, there was a lot of mix people in Hawaii intermarriage was only a small reason why. There were so many mix people on Hawaii because of their ancestors and were they came from. However, Olson view on the researcher’s vision is different. He believes that there will be a limit to the amount of mix people and integrating marriages because of the restraint towards certain people’s characteristic.  



What I got from this is that there was a lot of integrating marriages. People were mixing with each other but still found a way to stereotype. However, when the Polynesian colonized with the Hawaiians there was a flaw. These two races could of came together and made great ideas. For example, if they came together the Hawaiians and the Polynesian could have found a way beyond Fiji and Samoa by building a boat that could travel past those limits. 

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