Feedback #3

One lesson I could improve for paper 4 is integrating my own ideas with other Ideas. I need to follow up quotes with analysis, explanation and connections to essential questions. Another lesson I need to improve is working on my sentence level control. I must watch out for a lot of stigmatizing errors. For me to complete these task I must have good time management so I can but the effort I need into these paper by having complete focus on what I’m doing and not worrying about the time I have left to finish it.

To end racism society must do one thing and that is to not categorize people. Everywhere we go there is always some type of categorization to people. This categorization causes people to have race which leads to racisms eventually. This is the main reason why race is real because society can’t live without having an image, idea, and belief of what way certain people are. Also another reason why race is real because the first thing that people do when they see another human being is judge them which is human nature. Therefore, I think that racism will always be alive because you can’t stop human nature.

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