How Do I Peer Review

When I peer review someone’s paper, I usually look for the things that I would incorporate into my paper. First, I would read their whole paper once to see if I can understand what point they are trying to address. Then see if they explain the authors point of view on the situations and supported […]

What I Learned About My Writing

When I really sit down and give myself time to write an effective paper on a range of situations, they usually turn out pretty good to me. Especially when I know that before college, I was never good at writing papers. What I learned about my writing skill during these two projects is two things. […]

Final Draft

Kuomar Fitzgerald February 7th, 2019 Eng 123 Dr. Drown Covering 101 One of the vital issue society faces today is covering. The prime concern is that covering is holding back many groups today. For instance, in Kenji Yoshino article he says “The reason racial minorities are pressured to “act white” is because of white supremacy. The reason […]

Covering 101

“What I love about  Winnicott is that he does not demonize the False self. To the contrary, Winnicott believes  the false self protects the true self: “The false self has one positive and very important function: to hide the true self, which it does by compliance with environmental demands.” Like a king casting behind a rock in chess, the […]

Nutshell Draft

People hide their identity all the time. I believe when people are applying for a job or at a work place they have to hide their identity because society can’t cope with peoples true self. For example when applying to a job you can’t always show your true self because the person who plans on […]

Paradigm Q’s

Liberty paradigm is all about letting one be free. Letting them show their true self. Equality paradigm is pretty much self explanatory it when everyone shows a pattern of equalness. In Yoshino article he qouted someone saying, “When I was in graduate school, there was an African- American man who studied German Romantic poetry. Under your model, I […]