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Liberty paradigm is all about letting one be free. Letting them show their true self. Equality paradigm is pretty much self explanatory it when everyone shows a pattern of equalness. In Yoshino article he qouted someone saying, “When I was in graduate school, there was an African- American man who studied German Romantic poetry. Under your model, I could easily see someone saying he was covering his African American identity by studying something so esoteric and highbrow. But it was clear to me he was studying Romantic poetry because he was seized by it. And if someone had assumed he was studying it to act white they would have diminished him as a human being.” Who ever doesn’t accept this African American for liking German poetry is against Liberty and Equal paradigm. I say this because this young African American is showing his true self and not covering it so society can feel okay. I believe Yoshino would think equality would better protect the true self because if everyone was to treat each other equal there really wouldn’t be no problem about expressing who you really are. One group in society who faces societal demands to cover their true selves are the people who are gay. They probably have one of the biggest challenges to face in life.

There civil rights can be protect because I believe there are laws that protect these people from not being able to get a job or go to certain place because their gay. However, the only way they can truly be protected from hatred and negativity is if liberty paradigm and equality paradigm are put into full affect.


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