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According to Yoshino to cover is to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream. People cover to simply get alone in life.We have not been able to see it as such because it has swaddled itself in the benign language of assimilation. But if we look closely, we will see that covering is the way many groups are being held back. My view of covering is when you hide certain parts of who you are to get ahead it’s not necessary a bad thing to me. Me and Yoshino’s view on covering are kind of similar put not as much. He believes we shouldn’t have to cover as much and people shouldn’t be so sensitive about certain subjects. I agree with Yoshino but since people are sensitive cover is what it’s gone have to be until times change. An example of covering is when someone who is gay hides the fact their gay to get along with society, Yoshino is a prime example of this.

According to D.W True Self is when the self that gives an individual the feeling of being real. The False Self gives an individual a sense of being unreal, a sense of futility. One positive function of False Self is that it protects the True Self. ” The False self was never disappeared. It was reduced to the minimum necessary to regulate relations between the True Self and the world.” This shows that a yin will always need a yang can’t get rid of one completely because it would throw your life off balance. For example leading back to Yoshino he is a gay Asian American who hid the fact that he was gay. He waited until it was the right time for him to let the world know about his sexuality. His false self was helping his true self by covering who he really was until the true self was able to survive on it own.

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